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Newly posted -- a portfolio of Newfoundland photographs




Newfoundland  2006 


Known affectionately as “The Rock,” and loaded with history that pre-dates Columbus’ discovery of the New World, Newfoundland is the piece of the North American continent that sees the first light of each day.


The Avalon coast  extends south from St. Johns, and it is jagged with inlets and harbors that support small friendly communities.  The land is rugged and the people are gentle.  It is some of the most scenic land anywhere, and it is perhaps the least crowded seacoast anywhere in America.


Our tour will be a week of exploration along the Avalon coast.  The primary purpose may be photography, but we’ll also sample the culture and the Irish flavor of the food, music and pastimes.  You will come home with new words in your vocabulary, and you will even have learned how to play Auction – (don’t ask;  it’s too difficult to explain).  Best of all you will come home with a treasure chest of fine photographs and the memories that will give them magic.


Tour Features


The week on the East coast of Newfoundland will be spent discovering with the camera.  We’ll hike to the top of the “Gaze”, for a panoramic view of the coastline north and south.  And we’ll hike along a portion of the East Coast Trail.  That will bring us to places of unlimited photographic opportunity.


We will spend a day photographing at the lighthouse, which sits on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Mid-day, we’ll enjoy a catered picnic lunch.  Point your camera in any direction from this spot, and you’ll find a reason to click the shutter.  The whales may be feeding in the bay.  Puffins will certainly be skimming across the surface of the water.  And Arctic Terns will be gliding in the updrafts along the cliffs.


One day will be spent on a cruise aboard a crab boat.  Hopefully we’ll see whales up close; but even if the whales aren’t in, we’ll see coastline that we couldn’t see any other way.


In the town of Ferryland the Colony of Avalon archaeological site and museum will stretch our imaginations back 400 years to the time when Lord Baltimore walked on the downs.  Our schedule will be open and relaxed enough to allow everyone ample time for personal exploration.


We’ll end up the week in St. John’s, spending Friday afternoon and evening photographing around the city and around the harbor.  Those with later flights will be able to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, and photograph daybreak behind Signal Hill—the spot where Marconi received the first radio signals from Europe.




            Our lodging will be at a Bed and Breakfast, a converted nunnery, that is adjacent to Holy Trinity Church.  That’s where we’ll take our main meals and where we’ll have the “indoor” part of the photographic instruction.  The rooms are comfortable, some singles, some doubles, some with, and some without private bath.  When you reserve your spot on the tour, you can make a request for the type of room you’d like.  Rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.




            Photographic instruction will be a major part of our activities.  We will hold  group sessions to introduce upcoming activities and to discuss photographic techniques.  These sessions will be done with the aid of a digital projector and computer.  For those with digital equipment we will be able to download images to computers for projection and discussion by the group.  Film photographers will be a bit more limited, because we will not have facilities available for film processing during the week.


            In the field, the instruction will take the form of coaching, to help everyone visualize the photographic possibilities in the scenes before us.  Experts and beginners alike will find this useful.


            There will also be scheduled times for individual instruction, and review of images.  We want everyone to come home with wonderful photographs, and we’ll work hard to make that happen.


Newfoundland Guides


            The guides for the week, aside from the photography instruction, will be Art and Sheila Barlow.  Sheila was born at Calvert, just one inlet north of Ferryland; she is a true native.  Art is one of the great storytellers of all time, and he has made Newfoundland a personal study over the past 35 years.  With these two wonderful people at your disposal throughout the week, you’ll come home with enough knowledge to write your own tour book.




Dates / Cost


July 29 to August 5, Saturday to Saturday


Call the Open Shutter Gallery at 970 382-8355 to get more information and to register.


Click here to see a portfolio of Newfoundland photographs.




  Draft Itinerary for 2006

Saturday, July 29

Arrival day – We will pick up clients at 3 p.m. at the St. John’s airport, or at some designated point downtown St. John’s

Check-in at the B&B

Explore the local area:  beaches, archaeological site

Dinner at the B&B


Sunday, July 30

Breakfast at the B&B

Workshop introduction, and survey of the week to come

10 – 1  Individual photo instruction arranged by appointment; time for exploring Ferryland with cameras, for those not involved in individual appointments.

Jig’s dinner – a Newfoundland tradition

Group image review of the day’s photographic activity.


Monday, July 31

Breakfast at the B&B

To the Lighthouse.  We’ll spend the entire day at the lighthouse, photographing the rocky coastline and the bluffs in the area.  The arctic terns and the puffins will be playing in the updrafts along the coastal cliffs, and will make wonderful photo subjects.  We will be treated to a gourmet lunch catered by Lighthouse Lunches.

Dinner at the B&B

Image review – 10 images selected from each guest’s “take of the day.”


Tuesday, August 1

Breakfast at the B&B

Excursion on the crab boat.  Whale watching will be an objective, but if there are no whales present, we’ll have the opportunity to search for other wildlife and landscapes.

4 – 6 pm  Time for individual instruction appointments

Dinner at the B&B

Group image review – 10 images per client


Wednesday, August 2

Breakfast at the B&B

On the trail.  We’ll hike along the East Coast Trail, either going point to point along the coast, or hiking in to a specific site.  This will depend on the weather conditions, and the energy level of the group.

Late afternoon – group image review and instruction

Dinner at the B&B


Thursday, August 3

Breakfast at the B&B

To the barrens.  We’ll drive south of Ferryland, in search of caribou, and we’ll continue our photographic exploration of the inlets and villages along the coast.

Late afternoon – individual instruction appointments

Dinner at the B&B

Group image review – 10 images per client


Friday, August 4

Breakfast at the B&B

A day in St. John’s.  We'll spend time photographing along the waterfront, and in the city.  For those who want to combine their photography with a spectacular hike, we’ll walk from the top of Signal Hill to the Quidi Vidi village.

Picnic lunch provided.

B&B in St. John’s

Farewell review and final instruction

Dinner in St. John’s; not included in tour cost—have fun exploring on your own.


Saturday, August 5

Breakfast at the B&B in St. John’s

Clients arrange transportation to the airport



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