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            Artist portfolio photography



Base service per hour,


Minimum service charge


Item price, charge for items similar in size & surface  (1 4 items) *

$50 each

Item price for similar items  (5 10 items)

$40 each



     *I will work toward the lower price for the client.  If the charges are less working hourly, I will apply the hourly rate;  if they are less working at the item rate, I will apply the item rate.

       If both film and digital files are to be produced,  film charges will be quoted separately.




Film Charges


35mm film, per roll (24 exposure)


35mm film, per roll (36 exposure)


4x5 sheet film, per sheet




Printing *


8x5 x 11 sheet  (1,  8x10 / 2, 5x7 / 4, 3x5), first sheet


Second 8.5 x 11 of same setup


5 -  8.5x11 of the same setup

$7 each



     *The printing is only done from digital files.  The prints are true TypeC color photographs, and the result is very high quality.  If time is of the essence, and prints must be made on an in-house inkjet printer, the same printing prices will apply.






Burn an archive cd with full resolution files






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